Our like has never stopped changing. Such changing moments bring us a different amazing experience and also build an utterly different life of people. In FW19, we invite three JNBY ladies with distinct personalities to discuss their exploration and thinking about the inside and outside connection under current fast operation as well as deposition and restoration during this process.


PEU À PEU is a sports series branch independently developed by JNBY design team under the garment system; derived from French, PEU À PEU means “little by little and slowly” literally. Relying on the principles of ergonomics and the garment design background of JNBY, it has skillfully integrated the freedom, comfort and specialized function of sportswear with tailoring and fashion of ready-to-wear garments; meanwhile, the adaptability of PEU À PEU items and JNBY garments further highlights the concept of “fashion sportswear”. The design of PEU A PEU is based on ergonomic principles and JNBY'...


The former Yugoslavia inspires this project, and It explores the spirt of freedom under the system. They are not reconciled to the established life trajectory and do not succumb to the rigid mindset. They try to use their actions to break the shackles of monotonous life and discover diverse aspects of life under the surface. They are not radical alternatives, and they are one of us. This series incorporates military elements into the design. Based on iconic symbols such as khaki, camouflage, windbreaker, etc., to create everyday items that are tough and comfortable.   Photography: Wu Zhengp...


For this season, we have invited three photographers, David Brandon Geeting who lives in New York, Yingwei Tang from London, and Sophie Tanxin Chen who has settled in Los Angles, to discuss the “Truth of Life” of the present time. Tearing off the disguises, we penetrate into the inner world. From their unique perspectives, they pursue more possibilities in life. Originating from the transcending real life, they present the solemnness, coarseness, reality, and beauty of life. Yingwei Tang is a British born Chinese and a graduate from the photography major of Westminster. 10 Years ago, to enj...

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