For this season, we have invited three photographers, David Brandon Geeting who lives in New York, Yingwei Tang from London, and Sophie Tanxin Chen who has settled in Los Angles, to discuss the “Truth of Life” of the present time. Tearing off the disguises, we penetrate into the inner world. From their unique perspectives, they pursue more possibilities in life. Originating from the transcending real life, they present the solemnness, coarseness, reality, and beauty of life.

David Brandon Geeting, a big boy living in Brooklyn of New York, has published several books on photography and held multiple has personal exhibitions. As a graduate of the School of Visual Arts, he presents works totally different from that of the academism of photography in America. Like his personality, the works of David are full of passion and a sense of humor.



August 30, 2020 — JNBY Australia