We Are Fortune Fashion

Our History: 

In 1998, the first pants shop [Hello Kitty] was opened, and Fortune Fashion's development process officially began.


August 2007: Joined the JNBY brand and opened the first JNBY store in Longkou. Since then, the company has entered the clothing industry.


In September 2008, Longkou Fortune Fashion was formally registered, and the company started its business management model. In October of the same year, we brought Ochirly entered the Boshang Shopping Plaza.


2009: JNBY Boshang Shopping Plaza and Ochirly opened its first store on Zhenxing Road, Longkou.


October 2011: The first interstate store Ochirly opened in Zhaoyuan Jindu Department Store, and the company's business expanded to other places. 


May to September 2013: 5 [Jasmine Flowers] stores opened, and the company began to explore its brand management road.


June 2014: Laizhou Liqun JNBY opened. In October of the same year, Ochirly entered Laizhou Liqun.


June 2015: JNBY children's clothing brand jnby by JNBY opened in Longkou, and quickly gained market recognition, achieved impressive performance, and took a place in the local children's clothing market. At the end of the same year, jnby by JNBY entered Boshang Shopping Plaza.


September 2015: JNBY opened in Rongcheng, Weihai, adding a strong touch to the overall development of Fortune Fashion. 


December 2016: Established the first cloth collection store in Longkou, which brings together brands such as JNBY, sketch, Ochirly, LESS, etc., to implement the business philosophy of operating high-end brands.


April 2017: Introducing the advanced Amoeba business model, three branches were established, and the management system was changed to a partnership system to make the company truly platform-oriented; in the same month, LESS, a new female workplace brand under JNBY Group, was operated in Boshang Shopping Plaza; In May, the well-known brand GMXY opened in Huangxian and Longkou at the same time.


April 2018: Introduced a new performance appraisal management mechanism, improved the company's structure, which escorted the company's development; in May of the same year,  CROQUIS entered the Laizhou Liqun shopping mall, and GMXY was strong opened in Huangxian Boshang and Zhaoyuan Jindu shopping mall, which officially opened the development of Fortune Fashion single brand and multiple stores. In September of the same year, LESS the women's clothing entered Laizhou Liqun strongly and operated in October.


In 2019, Fortune Fashion made strategic decisions, set its new goals on the international market, and reshaped the strategic positioning of the brand. In July of the same year, it officially went abroad and brought JNBY into Melbourne. It has realized Fortune Fashion integrated with the international market, and completed the company's development history.


After more than 20 years of accumulation and precipitation, Fortune Fashion operates popular brands, such as OCHIRLY, JNBY, jnby by JNBY, CROQUIS, LESS, BADINA, COLOVE, MYSCISSORS, and GMXY with 28 stores and more than 100 employees. So far, the business area covers Longkou, Zhaoyuan, Laizhou, Weihai, and other cities. Fortune Fashion never stopped pursuing the dream of its team.

We believe fashion is not only what you wear, but how you wear it. We care about our customers and all of your experience in the details.

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