PEU À PEU is a sports series branch independently developed by JNBY design team under the garment system; derived from French, PEU À PEU means “little by little and slowly” literally. Relying on the principles of ergonomics and the garment design background of JNBY, it has skillfully integrated the freedom, comfort and specialized function of sportswear with tailoring and fashion of ready-to-wear garments; meanwhile, the adaptability of PEU À PEU items and JNBY garments further highlights the concept of “fashion sportswear”.

The design of PEU A PEU is based on ergonomic principles and JNBY's ready-to-wear design background, skillfully combining the freedom, comfort, and professional functionality of sportswear with the ready-to-wear tailoring and the fashion trends of fashionable dress; Thus, creating PEU A PEU's unique " sports fashion " concept.

August 31, 2020 — JNBY Australia