For this season, we have invited three photographers, David Brandon Geeting who lives in New York, Yingwei Tang from London, and Sophie Tanxin Chen who has settled in Los Angles, to discuss the “Truth of Life” of the present time. Tearing off the disguises, we penetrate into the inner world. From their unique perspectives, they pursue more possibilities in life. Originating from the transcending real life, they present the solemnness, coarseness, reality, and beauty of life.

Yingwei Tang is a British born Chinese and a graduate from the photography major of Westminster. 10 Years ago, to enjoy temporary freedom, he left his parents in Liverpool to study in London on his own, and from then fell in love with the culturally diversified city. After years’ submersion in British culture, he has cultivated more passion for freedom. With a lot of novel and fancy ideas, he has been talkative in sharing with us his present life. From his expression, we can see that the life pf repetitive photographing, woodworking, cat petting, and gin&tonic making has never been dull to him.


August 31, 2020 — JNBY Australia