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Founded in 1999, JNBY is a women’s clothing brand which has grown up with the whole company with high popularity and recognition, attracting a group of supporters with the same life concept at the very beginning. Along with constant exploration and insistence of our products, JNBY, nowadays, has developed into the most representative women’s clothing brand in China with its slogan “Just Naturally Be Yourself” deeply rooted in customers’ heart. Our brand persists in combining aesthetic elements like “fashion, energy, interest, frankness” together as well as focus on research and improvement of materials, involving designers’ feeling with dress experience. We convey curiosity and interest of culture to those independent, romantic and elegant young women, making them feel the marvelousness and poetry of normal life, which is the secret of our success in brand’s keeping energetic and vigorous.

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With the slogan of "free imagination", the brand aims at creating highly personalized and imaginative clothing series for 28-40 years old middle-class families, and with the expression of contemporary art concepts, it emphasizes the tenet of the interactive experience, center- ing "freedom, imagination, surprise and truth" in design, so that each family can fully experience the joy of living. Also, it encourages parents and children to grow up together. When parents' childlike innocence is evoked, they can look for freer, purer and happier space for communi- cation and thinking together with the children, revealing the true nature of the children, so that every parent can truly appreciate the children's unique talent and fully appreciate the beauty of life.

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JNBY Group is a leading designer brand fashion house based in China with a multi-brand portfolio and a strong design-driven philosophy.

Our each brand targets a distinct customer segment and having a uniquely defined design identity based on our Group’s universal brand philosophy — “Just Naturally Be Yourself”, which seeks to convey our belief in embracing independent thinking, independent expression, distinctive trends and allowing consumers to derive greater joy from their attire.

Our core value is “Better Design, Better Life” and we are committed to building China’s best platform for design.


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