About Us


JNBY is one of the leading designer apparel brands and perhaps the most influential in China. It was founded by Lin Li in 1994 with its headquarters located in Hangzhou. JNBY is a high-end fashion forward clothing label that has seen exceptional growth year on year as it sets trends in the industry in not just China but globally.

The philosophy of the JNBY brand is to ‘Just naturally be yourself’, this is rooted in the hearts of the brand and the customers alike. The value of the brand is embedded within its design philosophy of ‘Modern, Vigorous, Charming and Serene’ which is demonstrated through the brand’s unique designs, the materials that are used and the research philosophy that goes into each collections JNBY is devoted to building a high-end designer brand while implementing a multi-brand strategy combining the synergies of multiple brands aimed to “Interpret Tastes with Design, Quality Life”, to shape our brand image actively and continuously, and offer meaningful and quality lifestyles to the multi-dimensional retail market.


In 2005, our men’s clothing brand CROQUIS was founded by the Group. This brand is devoted to gathering a following of middle-class men with style, depth, discerning tastes and lifestyle, advocating the view of living without constraints, being bold enough to try, and deriving joy from attire. CROQUIS, with the outlook that “This way also works”, endeavors to develop original, textured, thoughtful and cost-effective clothes for men. Our brand, continually guided by the aesthetic design concepts of “Modern, Textured, Thoughtful, Elegant”, thanks to superior imported fabrics and distinguished craftsmanship, creative collections, and highly compatible applications in different settings, offers consumers new perspectives on life as well as an enjoyable dressing experience.

JNBY Group

JNBY Group is a leading designer brand fashion house based in China with a multi-brand portfolio and a strong design-driven philosophy.

Our each brand targets a distinct customer segment and having a uniquely defined design identity based on our Group’s universal brand philosophy — “Just Naturally Be Yourself”, which seeks to convey our belief in embracing independent thinking, independent expression, distinctive trends and allowing consumers to derive greater joy from their attire.

Our core value is “Better Design, Better Life” and we are committed to building China’s best platform for design.